HPL SLOPLAST EXTERIOR SOLUTIONS is a self-bearing high-pressure plastic with decorative sirface, used for external finishing, in particular, in the system of suspended ventilated facades. It is resistant to mechanical impacts, aggressive impacts of the ambient environment, has unique heat insulating properties. This material is classified as not easily combustible one, the flammability group is G1.

HPL SLOPLAST EXTERIOR SOLUTIONS, thanks to its unique physical and mechanical properties, retains its attractive appearance during the whole service life. Durability of this material is based on wear resistance of its surface. This property is especially valuable in the segments of a building,  that are subject to mechanical damages and possible acts of vandalism.

Dense structure of the material makes its damage caused with the critical change of temperature nearly impossible – the plastic material remains as it was manufactured, without cracks, scratches, or other damages due to strong temperature conditions. This property of the material makes its application practical for weather conditions of the Far North.

From the point of view of service properties, decorative paper-based laminate has relatively low (if compare with other materials) own weight – the material density is 1,400-1,600 kg/ m³ , which facilitates its fixing onto horizontal and vertical surfaces.

SLOPLAST has passed all tests for fireproof properties, as a result of which it is classified as belonging to the flammability group G1. Ability of the material not to destruct at combustion makes it possible to use SLOPLAST at any type of buildings, as the risk of collapse of the structures where this material is used is minimal compared with other decorative materials.

Production technology enables to create the material with a variety of the surface finishing – glossy, matt, or textured. Plastic sheets can be decorated from one side or from two sides. The material is offered with a wide pattern range (over 60) including one-color, imitating wood or stone, metal-covered surfaces, “fantasy” patterns.

It is also possible to print any type of image, such as a photograph, picture, collage, etc. onto  the plastic material by means of digital printing. Now, a customer can create his own design of the material.

HPL Sloplast exterior solutions

The spheres of application

Benefits of HPL Sloplast facade panels

  • Hihg mechanic density

    Hihg mechanic density

  • UV resistance

    UV resistance

  • Easy installation

    Easy installation

  • Resistance to moisture

    Resistance to moisture

  • Fire resistance

    Fire resistance

  • Resistance to temperature variable

    Resistance to temperature variable

    from -60 С to +80 С
  • Resistance to chemicals

    Resistance to chemicals

  • Wide range of decor

    Wide range of decor

HPL Sloplast exterior solutions

Decorative paper-based laminaDecorative paper-based laminate SLOPLAST is a high-pressure facing and structural plastic material, also called HPL (High Pressure Laminate), with a decorative surface suitable for external and internal works, resistant to mechanical impacts, light, it is weather insensitive. HPL consists of sheets of special kraftpaper impregnated with synthetic thermoreactive resins. Production technology envisages the combined treatment of paper under the effect of high temperature and pressure at special presses. Such treatment enables the resins to penetrate into the structure of paper, filling the fibers and changing its structure at chemical level. As a result, the uniform monolith material with unique operating performance characteristics is produced.

The thickness of the decorative plastic depends on the number of paper layers, it varies within the limits between 0.6 and 25 mm. Technology of material production enables to make various types of the surface finishing – glossy, matt, or textured; plastic sheets can be decorated from one side or from two sides.